Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm blogging a little late today. I keep waiting to snap out of my funk. Since that doesn't seem to be happening, I decided to just write about it. I sometimes have this problem after a really great trip home. I miss my extended family desperately. We have such a unique family. We gather for everything. My uncle turned 50 this past weekend. So in true Jouett fashion everyone came to celebrate. My mom has five brothers and sisters, so it is always a BIG full house. I grew up thinking that all families were that close. As an adult I have realized that is not the case. I think that deep down I long to be around them all more. I know, I know, cut the apron strings and grow up.

What to Do When You're Feeling Blue
By Paula J. Wart

Everyone feels "down" at some time or other. Short periods of sadness or depression, while discomforting, do not necessarily mean you need medical help.
For those times when you're feeling blue, try a few of these tried-and-true depression-fighting remedies. You'll likely find some that work for you.

Get up and get going. Sitting around the house just keeps you depressed. Go to a movie, play cards or checkers with a friend, visit a museum.

Exercise. Ride a bike, take a hike. Skip. If you're super-fit, try exercising to your maximum.

Burn off your nervous energy, then...

Relax. Soak in a warm bath. Get a facial or massage.

Cry. It's a wonderful release.

Talk with a good friend. Talking it out can help you analyze the situation. If your emotions are getting the best of you, try to stick to the facts.

Get the facts. If you're depressed because of something you assume, or suspect...ask clarifying questions.

Express yourself creatively. Color. Draw. Paint pictures. Use lots of colors. Let your inner self out.

Journal. Sometimes writing it out can help you sort out your feelings and solve your dilemmas.

Sleep in a dark room. Your body produces depression-fighting chemicals in complete darkness.

Deal with what you can. Some things are beyond your control. Some expectations are unrealistic. Either way, realize your limitations -- and your strengths -- and act accordingly.

Have fun. Sometimes when you're depressed you can't think of anything "fun." In times like these, think back on what you used to enjoy doing. Make a list. Pick one. Do it!

Reach out. Read to children at your community's library or elementary school. Become a Big Brother. Volunteer at a hospital.

Get busy. Clean the garage. Detail the car. Organize your sock drawer. The distraction of a boring, detail-oriented job may be just the break your mind needs.

Act happy. Hum. Whistle. Go to a concert in the park. Write a new song. Sing along with your favorite, cheerful CD.

Meditate or pray. Seek wisdom outside of yourself.


For inspiration on countless topics check out Dr. Dobson's website. You can listen to his radio broadcast. They are archived so that you can choose your topic.


Today I feel blessed to have my extended family. Especially my aunts. I have learned so much about being a woman from all of them. From Auntie, I have learned to be strong and confident. She has always had the ability to make me want to talk about myself and be proud of who I am. From Dinah, I have learned that giving is better than receiving. She has the most generous heart of anyone that I know. From Leah, I have learned faith and gentleness. One of the best lessons that I have ever learned from her is that she always prayed with her children on the way to school. I would not be who I am today without their unique personalities. I am so thankful that I have wonderful role models for my life.

So that's all from this day in the life of mommysmart!

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Another great pick me up is Zoloft...I swear by it! heehee You are so blessed to have such a wonderful, close should never cut the apron strings! - Stacy H.