Monday, April 30, 2007

Blog Challenge

There are two reasons that I have chosen this entry from my blog challenge. First, because my sweet husband wrote it to me. Second, because it was my only entry. I was reluctant to post it because it is full of compliments to me and I don't want to sound vain on my own blog. However, he wrote it for me to post, so here it is......

I would like to write about a person that has changed who I am. I am truly amazed when I reflect on the person I am today compared to how I use to be. This person has truly inspired me through her encouragement, example she sets from how she lives her life, and the love that we share.

I believe that I grew up happy and loved, but through several things I did not think anything about shaped the way I did things. I was very self reliant. Although I still struggle with this in some aspects I do not know now what I would do without or how different my life would be without this person in my life. The words of wisdom and encouragement that have been provided to me are priceless. I have learned that is ok to trust other people and allow others to help you. Also, although this may sound silly when I say it out loud I have learned (and am still learning) to accept compliments and criticism without being defensive. I have learned so much from these words of encouragement to where now I not only crave them but depend on them daily.

Out of the people I have known in my life only Jesus Christ could top her in the amount of love, compassion, and empathy my person displays on a daily basis. I am still amazed each day because of the amount of love, compassion, and empathy that this person showers her family, friends, and people in general. I use to give this person a hard time because of these qualities. Why? I guess because it seemed foreign to me. I have always felt loved and loved my family but I had never seen how deep these qualities could be displayed. I wish I would have appreciated these things sooner because now I am truly grateful that I have this person to provide me with a framework and example of how to develop and display these qualities in my life. I regret making her feel bad about these things before.

I feel truly blessed to have this person in my life. I cannot begin to explain the love that we share and how bountiful and deep my love for her is. She has given me a daughter and a son. I love her so much. I love my kids so much. I am so proud of my family and I love each one so much as an individual and as a member of my family. I feel truly blessed and happy to have her in my life.

Monica, Thank you for being you. You make me a better person. I know I do not express it enough and I do not think that I could ever do it in a way that you truly deserve but I truly, wholeheartedly, and with everything that makes me me, I LOVE YOU!




You know there's not a lot of men that will say in public or out loud how much they love their wife. Some men think that saying things about their wives is uncool or unmanly.

I personally think just the opposite. I think it takes a real man to say things publically about his wife in a positive way. So I hear by declare this post ... "MY FAVORITE EVER." Wanna know why?

1 - I like men that'll say good things about their wifes.

2 - Rocky is 100% correct about you. He's a blessed man.

I am glad you posted this.

StacyD said...

Ahhhh....I'm all misty eyed. That was sweet, tender, yet very manly and very Rocky. Well done, buddy!

Neva said...

I am with Trey, this is my favorite post too. And because of Trey's number one reason. It is always encouraging to see a marriage where both partners truly love, respect and appreciate each other. What a blessing, what a gift.


nb said...

Monica, even if you'd had a million entries, this one would be the winner!

I'm happy for both of you!

Monalea said...

Thank you for sharing! It brought a smile to my heart.