Monday, January 15, 2007

Is this FINALLY the year?

Let's get this small detail out in the open. I am not so much a Colts fan as a Peyton fan. I have followed him since Tennesse. Rocky told me a long time ago (about 9, I believe) that if the Colts ever go to the super bowl, he'd throw ME a super bowl party. I may soon be cashing in on that bet. I'm still waiting on my number 18 jersey.


JP Manzi said...

The fact the Colts are still winning though, Peyton is playing the worst football of his career give signs of optimism because he is due to start playing better. If they are already winning with his poor play imagine them with him playing like he has all season.

Mommysmart said...

Hi jp,

Good point. I hope that this is the one. I have trouble being realistic about his "poor playing". He does usually play worse after regular season. Maybe he will turn it around.