Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I am certainly not one of those celebrity obessed fans, but I have recently been a little curious about the actresses that are actually my age. So here is what I found. They are all 30-32. I was surprised that there were not that many. Let me know if you can think of others.

P.S. For fun, you can go to
to match your face to celebrities!

Dates of birth
4 June 1975 - Angelina Jolie , 5 October 1975 - Kate Winslet, 22 March 1976 - Reese Witherspoon, 15 March 1975 - Eva Longoria, 7 October 1976 - Rachel McAdams (the notebook), 22 February 1975 - Drew Barrymore, 28 April 1974 - Penelope Cruz, 25 June 1975 - Linda Cardellini (ER), 30 July 1974 - Hilary Swank, 27 August 1976 - Sarah Chalke(Scrubs)


Trey Morgan said...

Mon ...

Loved the pics. I looked up my look-a-like and age thing ... it came back with this guy:

Mommysmart said...


That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing your "look alike". Funny that I was never compared to any green people. Maybe your entered the wrong ethnicity, ha ha!


Trey Morgan said...

They asked me what I was like and I said "an onion" I have layers ... and next thing you know ... I'm a big green Ogre.