Monday, February 05, 2007

Is anyone else confused about this?

Can you match the correct name and picture?

a)David Hasselhoff
b)Dan Marino


StacyD said...

I never realized how much they looked alike. The first pic is (a) the second is (b)...right?

Trey Morgan said...

Wow I never noticed. Never. Maybe, just maybe they are THE SAME PERSON. You know like Batman and Bruce Wayne, Superman and Clark Kent and Marino & Hasselhof. Wow ... we're on to something here.

I think we need side by side pictures of me and Brad Pitt. That'd be tough one to tell the difference on too.

Mommysmart said...

You are correct! Amazing isn't it.

I have said that too. I think they are the same person. We may have to go public with this conspiracy theory.

You can do better than Brad Pitt, he's greasy.

I'm glad that the two of you agree. I just can't believe that no one else has pointed this out.