Friday, February 09, 2007

A little church song confusion

When I was a kid singing from the hymnal (before I could read) I used to believe that the song low in the grave he lay went like this....."up from the gravy with a rose" instead of "up from the grave he arose". Funny enough, but Rylan topped it all tonight. We were driving to get our friday night hamburger and listening to Richland Hills praise music. We usually ALL sing along. The song playing was "this is how we overcome", but Rylan was singing.....

THIS IS HOW WE HOLD A SKUNK (loudly). Poor thing takes after his mom (sings about as good too, poor soul).


Trey Morgan said...

I was told of someone who thought the old song, "Are you sowing the seeds of the Kingdom, brother" was actually, "Are you sowing the seeds of the King, dumb brother."

Now I can even sing that song without laughing.

Now I'll be holding a skunk! ha

Lisa said...

I had a hard time with "I Heard An Old, Old Story." The last line went like this, "He punched me to victory ..." I think my whole family still smiles a little when we sing that song. A few months ago I heard my oldest singing along & sang it the exact same way!!

I wondered if I'd accidentally sung it the wrong way or if your kids can inherit your mistakes.

You might be sorry I've decided to bookmark your blog. :)

Jonathan Storment said...

This is a hillarious post! Thanks for sharing!