Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I find myself rushing around this morning trying to get ready to go to my daughter's Valentine party at school. I am working to get both of the little ones fed, dressed, and ready to go. I feel excited about our "valentine celebration" tonight that my daughter planned for our family ( I hope that they like their little treats). I have all of the lessons and books laid out to work on during naptime and then there is the house cleaning before our company this weekend. I don't have time to slow down more than to pray, check all the email, and of course the blogs. This is the moment that my day just changed.

Recently my friend, Marley introduced me to the life journey of a 33 year old wife and mother named Kristina. I could never do her life justice by trying to tell her story, but you should read it. Her husband did an outstanding job of taking over her blog when she could no longer maintain it. Today she went to be with Jesus and my heart breaks for her family. It was so easy to relate to her life. She has touched my heart and changed my priorities. She truely fought the good fight and now she has won the race.

Today, in honor of Kristina, I will slow down and celebrate life and all of my earthly blessings.


Trey Morgan said...

Didn't have any time to blog yesterday. So this morning when I stopped by and read about the Valentine party planned by you sweet daughter, I could help but smile. She's so sweet. I hope the party went well.

Sometimes I miss not having a little girl.

Neva said...

What a touching post. I went to her blog and read her story. I am touched by her faith and her courage. But mostly, by the clarity with which she viewed her relationship with God, her purpose here on earth and her suffering. It was truly powerful. I am praying for her family and thanking God for holding her in His arms and in His heart.Thank you for sharing her story with me.
Peace my friend,

Mommysmart said...

Hey Trey,

We had a great party. Started a new tradition. On this day of love, we all took turns telling everyone in the family what we love most about them. This tradition is a keeper. You had a great tribute to your sweet wife. Good man!

I'm glad that you read her story. You said that beautifully, she had great clarity. We are blessed each day that we awake to a new day.

Lisa said...

Sometimes we need reminders to slow down and appreciate being here another day. Thanks for that reminder. A friend of mine knew someone from her home congregation that went through a similar ordeal -- a young, energetic mommy with young children & a very loving, supportive husband -- it was so powerful to read her story, also on CaringBridge. It must be so disheartening to suffer from cancer and be near death and not have that loving support from family members who believe that God holds them all in His hands. Katrina's story is so amazing & powerful. Thank you for sharing it with us.