Thursday, February 08, 2007

Warning Jumbled Mess Ahead.....

There is a blog that I love to read and today I was inspired. I just don’t understand how she writes about nothing and makes me “belly laugh” this much. I think that this falls into the reality show category. We love so much to feel normal through others normal experiences. So instead of waiting for a blog topic to fall from blog topic heaven, I am just going to write about nothing (worked for Seinfield).

Anyway, moving on….

So, the day started out like it normally does everyone up at 6:00 for a family breakfast. We stress this because it is sometimes our only meal all together. Ashlynn did loose a tooth last night, so she had two dollars under her pillow. I later found out that her other friends get five dollars for a tooth. FIVE DOLLARS, are you kidding! What do their parents do? That is the only significant "nothing" that I have after one hour of awakeness on a Thursday.


Thank you all of my blog friends, you are like my morning coffee.

Disclaimer: In case you found this to be the most ridiculous post ever written, please visit again. Sometimes, I actually write about important stuff. And sense you didn't pay for this service, there is no money back guarantee. Just know that I said a little prayer for any of you that made it this far so you should at least have a blessing today (other than the nonsense that you just read).

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Trey Morgan said...

$5 BUCK? FIVE? Don't tell my kids ... cause that ain't happening.