Thursday, March 15, 2007

Entertaining Strangers

Have you ever looked into a person's eyes and been completely convinced that you are experiencing something spiritual. They glow with contentment and every word from their mouths seem to have meaning. Are they messengers? Are they just filled with the love of Jesus? I don’t know the answer, but I know that I have experienced it.

Last week I was shopping and had my niece with me. As we waited in line a lovely tall black woman stepped in line behind us. She immediately caught my eye. She began talking to Brooke and was so sweet and complimentary. It wasn’t until she looked at me and I saw her eyes that I realized that this woman knows Jesus. She talked about what gift children are and what a sweet and wonderful blessing to our lives. Those words alone could have been said by most any woman and sounded only polite, but something about her eyes made it seem more like a message.

We left and it took me about 10 minutes to change Brooke’s diaper, make her a bottle, get her in her seat, and load up the bags. We were in a small parking lot and I never saw her leave the store. I’m sure that she somehow slipped out without me seeing her, but maybe, just maybe we were touched by an angel.


lisa leichner said...

Ooh, wouldn't that be cool?!

(You changed your comments settings!!)

Neva said...

I have had similar experiences--what great faith builders---meant to be shared. Thank you for sharing with us.


Monica, I appreciate so much your comments on my blog. I see your heart in them. I hope to meet you sometime but if not on earth, I will see you in Heaven.

The Preacher's Household: said...

I love encountering those kind of people. I also believe my dog Rory had an angel in him. Long story that I may be committed for, but God knew I needed something to love and nurture and sent the little stray to me. Rory died shortly before we moved - I think his death was because I didn't need that any more and my work would keep me too busy. I really wish I still had him and everytime I see a pyronese/lab mix I want to keep them. They however do not have the aura Rory did.