Monday, March 05, 2007

Letter to Me

Found this challenge and couldn't resist!
Dear Me (1993),
First things first, Girl, your life is fabulous (one day everyone will overuse this word). There are a few things that I should tell you, because I KNOW that you certainly are not listening to anyone else right now.
1. Your mom is the smartest person in the world and she knows you better than anyone else. Even when you don't agree with her, respect her. One day you will understand the depth of her love.
2. This one will shock day woman will wear their hair straight and sleek! Crazy, I know.
3. Floss your teeth! You will still hate the dentist when you are older and YOU will be paying the bill.
4. Love doesn't "happen" to you. It is a decision, so get your head out of the clouds. There is no prince on a white horse. There will be a time that you will love deeper than you can understand right now. You will soon have a husband and children that you love more than life itself and there is not a fairy tale that is even close to being this good.
5. Do you really want a tatoo? It sort of screams I WAS A REBELIOUS TEENAGER!
6. I know that you think that happiness is Childress in the rear view mirror, but one day you will long for the simpler life.
7. It feels like the friends in your life will be there forever, but there will come a time when you barely know where anyone is. Nuture those relationships.
8. Loss is a part of life. Tell your great grandmother how much you love her and memorize her face.
9. Those adults that you look up to will still be awesome when you are all grown up so find out more about them.
10. God never changes. You will, and when he feels far away you need to draw closer because nothing good happens when you are far from him.
You are going to love your life and God has great plans for you. Trust him and enjoy every day as a gift.


Heather said...

I love it......I think I'll try it!

The Preacher's Household: said...

I teach a group of senior girls on Wed. and they all have senioritus. I think I will use this as a premise for a lesson if you don't mind. And I'll write my own.

Mommysmart said...


Of course you can use this. Also check out these others.....

Great idea using these to teach young girls.