Friday, April 27, 2007

Awards and Degrees

So I won my first "bloggy award" from Maxine. She does riddles and my guess was correct. She has a wonderful blog that you should check out and maybe you will be the next riddle winner. Thanks, Maxine, that was fun!

Also, check out this article! It is about a 95 year old woman that is about to set a world record for oldest college graduate. Makes me feel better about being in college in my thirties. Have a great weekend everyone!


Monalea said...

I checked out Maxine's. I'm so impressed you won. I'm not very good at riddles and am glad we don't have to answer a riddle to get into heaven or I would be sunk.

Stachia said...

Loved the article about the older lady that is graduating. Give me hope. I have decided to take next year off because Cam will be a senior and I need to take a break the cost and time is wearing me down. I am still going to get my degree but I may be like "Nola" and graduating with my grandchildren.

Mommysmart said...


I am usually terrible at riddles, so I was shocked!


I completely understand needing to be more free for Cam. Wow! Is he really a SR? I hope to keep going, but if needed I would drop it all, too.