Wednesday, May 09, 2007

For my crafty friends

For teacher appreciation week we made this for Ashlynn's teacher. I thought that I would share becasue it was super easy, fast, and inexpensive. We bought 5 candy bars and attatched a note to each. We then hot glued a popsicle stick to the back and cut the sticks to different sizes and hot glued them to the bottom of the box. In the end we stuffed tissue paper around the base for color and to fill all of the extra space. The notes were as follows:
  • It's the "extra" things that make you special (extra gum)
  • I would travel through the "milky way" for you to be my teacher
  • You are worth a "100 grand"
  • I would "take 5" of you!
  • You are always full of laughs and snickers
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lisa leichner said...

Great idea! I wish I had seen this before Monday when we were supposed to bring in goodies for Nathan's teacher. We had a different theme each day. Monday's was our teachers are Sweet. Today we took in one flower each, to make a bouquet of flowers for each of the teachers. We also "Care about our teachers" and will send in a healthy snack tomorrow.

I have used similar ideas with candy bars for our Bible school teachers: "My cup overfloweth with gratitude for you." taped to a Reese's Peanut Butter cup; and "You are the Kat's meow!" taped to a KitKat bar.

Monalea said...

I love you idea. I will pass it on to my daughter.


Maxine said...

What a nice idea! These are the "sweetest" kind of gifts. I wish I had a child young enough to make them. Glad to hear you are all well and safe.

The Preacher's Household: said...

This is a great idea. I think this year I am going to go out on a limb and give Josh and Kobi's teachers a Bible. It may come back to haunt me, but I am going for it anyway. I don't think either of them are faithful and if they are then they will appreciate the gesture.

We have also decided to give the couple that James is going to renew their vows and Josh's little friend who is having a birthday party on Saturday a Bible. We have been taking the little boy to church on and off for a couple of years. He can read now and he has every toy know. I think that may just be my new gift I give everyone that I am not sure if they have one.

Mommysmart said...

We have been doing the "theme thing", too. I am room mom so I got to choose the themes which was fun. Mine sound a lot like yours. I love the cup idea!

Monalea and Maxine,
These are fun times with the little ones as I am sure that you both remember. It is also hard to come up with anything original.

I love the bible gift idea. I think that anyone would appreciate a new bible. You can never have too many bibles.


Good thing there aren't preacher days:

Your sermons aren't just boring, they are "extra" boring.

Nothing would make me happier than sending you to the "Milky Way."

I'd personally give "100 grand" to get a new preacher in this place.

I would "take 5" pokes in the eye with a sharp stick than have to hear this weeks sermon.

If you just knew all the "snickers" that were going on behind your back.

Neva said...

You might like it if they said "WHATCHAMACALLIT is a BIG HUNK, we SKOR every time he preaches, he needs a raise on PAYDAY"



Mommysmart said...

Well, Trey, I think that you are wrong and Neva is right! However, I give you lots of points for funniness and creativity!


That is TOO funny. I will most certainly use that one!

lisa leicner said...

Just a thought -- even for those of you who don't have children in Bible school classes, you can still do this for all the teachers in your church. For those of you with big churches, this might be a huge undertaking (maybe just focus on one age group at a time?). I did it anonymously for all the teachers of my congregation, not just the ones teaching my children, and it was much appreciated (obviously). I felt good that for once I did something without anyone knowing who it was, so I couldn't do it to receive credit (which I admit I enjoy a little too much).

Neva & Trey, you are too too funny. Who's the BIG HUNK you're talking about, Neva? Should I even have to ask?!

lisa leichner said...

How 'bout that -- I spelled my own name wrong.


How about, "That preacher is a "big hunk" ... I like that one.

Mommysmart said...

Hey Lisa L-E-I-C-H-N-E-R,

You know you are too busy when you don't have time to put all of the letters in your name. Ha Ha

I thought that I would answer your question here about Rylan's suit. Yes, it was easter. I noticed that yours looked similar. We have good taste.