Thursday, May 24, 2007

I think that the imaginary friend needs to move out!

When does the imaginary friend become a problem?

Today ours was "tooting" and trying to "get in the shower with me". Or at least that is what I am told by my son (with lots of giggles). Boys are so gross!

If you are wondering where he came from, well, we bought him when his parents sold him to us. Yeah, he has a VERY active imagination! (And NO, I won't buy yours)

Article about imaginary friends:



Parker, now 15, grew up with "Rocket-Fire." There was nothing Rocket Fire could not do. He was the champion at everything. And, when something happened bad at home and Parker was looking for someone to blame ... yea, it was Rocket Fire that did it.

Rocket Fire has been gone for years now. I miss him.

lisa leichner said...

When my oldest was 4 or so, he had watched a Scooby Doo show, and then had an imaginary friend named Daphne. It was strange how she just showed up one day!! But she didn't stick around long, and so far no one else has come up with another imaginary friend. I think it's funny at first, but probably gets annoying after the kids start blaming their "friends" for their own bad behavior!!

NB said...

My 4 year-old has had "Edwin" around for a while. Once, he told us that "Edwin" lived in the vent in our living room.

Edwin has taken the blame for a lot of mischief at our house.
Poor Edwin!

Has anyone ever watched "Drop Dead Fred"? Funny movie!

NB said...

I'm wishing I had an imaginary friend right now - one who likes to do laundry!!! (I think dirty clothes just multiply at my house while I'm sleeping.)

I guess I'll just blame "Edwin". :)

Monalea said...

My oldest son, Morgan had an imaginary dog, Richard. It was interesting around there.


Neva said...

My granddaughter has had "Megan" for a long long time. Just this visit she told me Megan was not her imaginary friend anymore. I was relieved because Megan was really naughty sometimes and to be honest, I felt really dumb talking to her and threatening to spank her imaginary bottom.
nb---love Drop Dead Fred


Monalea said...


You have inspired my blog writing for tomorrow.


Paula Harrington said...

Our youngest was in love with Sully (from Dr. Quinn) from the time she was 2 to 4! Sully went everywhere with us. We always had to wait on him too which was aggravating. Once my husband started to leave and she had a fit because Sully wasn't in the truck yet. They sat there for about 15 seconds in silence before she said, "Ok, he's here now. You can go Daddy)

The Preacher's Household: said...

We have not had any imaginary friends that lasted longer than a day. Josh does talk to himself. He will imagine a whole basketball or football game in his head with his real friends and he will get mad if we interrupt him during it. I have learned to wait until half time.

Kobi kept telling me about the man in our back yard. At first I thought it was an imaginary friend, then I saw a TLC special on children seeing ghosts. I was convinced that she was seeing a ghost until I realized she just kept seeing a man walking through our alley and our fence-less backyard.

Mommysmart said...

Wow! Seems we are pretty normal. It is good to hear all of your imaginary friend stories. NB, I would take one of those "worker imaginary friends", too. As for now, we will just enjoy the imaginary ride!