Monday, July 30, 2007

The best day ever!

All kids say cute things and I would be willing to bet that yours says something that just turns your heart. Rylan has this habit of saying "this is the best day ever". The most simple thing can bring out that statement.


Letting him drink a dr. pepper

My dad putting up the water slide

going to the park

having our cable installed

going to see my parents

when daddy lets him go to the coaches office with him

using my shampoo in the shower

McDonalds (this is a sure bet)

I have been thinking about that today and have decided that will be my new moto. How can you ever have a bad day if it only takes one thing to make it the best day ever!


Neva said...

Reading your blog made this "the best day ever!"




Running in to you guys at Wal-mart made it the "best day ever!"

Love ya

The Preacher's Household: said...

My little girls both say, "I'll be your best friend." In response to anything like this. I always tell them that I already am their best friend.

Do you ever say, "It was already the best day ever"?