Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Attitude is everything

Trey did a really good post about cliches and I started thinking of some. One of my favorites is "fake it till you make it". Some days that is how I feel about being positive and cheerful. A friend of mine calls it "smile therapy". Eventually you begin to feel the way that you are acting (whether that is positive or negative). The world will only be as you feel about it!

That is the same for our kiddos, too. What they see, hear, and read effects the way that they feel. This may be the best reason to rid the home of "trash", but also the reason to help them promote positive thinking. There is a great company that is taking that idea to heart. I read about them on a blog that I enjoy reading. It is a company that makes t-shirts that promote positive expressions. So before you buy that "whatever", "I'll sell you my brother", or "spoiled" shirt you should check out these t's.

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Monalea said...

Sometimes I forget how much attitude affects my life. Thanks for the reminder. Also, I will check out the company.