Thursday, September 27, 2007

Poem day.....

Sunny day

Today is a day that I made a choice
There will be sun in my life and I will rejoice

I may not decide that all days feel the same
But today all day long I’ll find nothing to blame

I will smile and laugh and only have fun
Today, will be a day that I only see sun!

-Monica Smart
Now for a poem by a REAL poet....
Bill's Messed-up Hair
an original poem for Ashlynn...
also Brooke, who got the first line of the poem the other day

Twiddly Tweedly Doodly Doo
My friend Bob had an untied shoe
He went to the track to run in a race
He tripped on his shoe and fell flat on his face

Skiddly Skoodly Riddly Root
Bob's ankle was swollen too big for his boot
Bob couldn't drive, he couldn't get home
So clumsy ole' Bob picked up the phone

He called his friend named One-eyed Herb
Herb drove towards the track but ran into a curb
His wheel popped off and rolled down a hill
Right into the back of Slick-haired Bill

Flippity Floppity Toodly Town
The wheel caused Bill to fall to the ground
A mighty big fall the wheel did cause
At this point in the story, I think we should pause

Blippity Bloppity Griddly Grass
"What's the point of this story", you might ask
"So Bill fell down, do I really care?"
Well...That's the reason for Bill's messed-up hair
--Brian Pierce
Please leave any of your original poems in the comments, we'd love for you to share!

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