Monday, October 22, 2007

I am still here....

Well, I must say that I am ashamed of myself. I have not posted a new entry in one entire week. This is probably a mommysmart first. If you visit this blog daily then I'm sure that you are thinking...."Enough already about your kids birthday"!

The next confession that I must make is that I am suffering from EXTREME writers block and have been for several months. It could be that college classes are sucking the creativity right out of my head or that I am just getting old and less imaginative. Whatever the case, I will be back!

For now I will just give you the bullet point version of that last week of the life of mommysmart......

  • I had mid-terms last week. Yuk Yuk Yuk! I did ok and am not sure whether I am excited that I am half way through this semester or disappointed that I am only half way through this semester.

  • I MET NEVA! Woohoo, was that fun. It was the coolest thing, because I sat at the restaurant looking at every woman walking in the door wondering if that was her. She has only been a character in the "novel" part of my life until now. I feel like now I have been to the movie and can put a real person as the character. If you don't know Neva then you should stop reading this silly list and go over to her blog. You will be inspired.

  • I allowed God to work his gift of forgiveness in my life. There is really no need for a ton of details besides that I had been holding on to some pain that needed to be forgiven. God put unimaginable circumstances and people into my life and into that day in particular so that I could be released.

  • Football, Football, and more Football. We had a great football week. The Jr. High suffered a loss, but they are making huge improvements. Our Varsity had a BIG win! I feel such a sense of pride in these guys. I know that Rocky pours his heart and soul into making them the best that they can be, and they never cease to amaze me. They are amazing young men.

  • After a week of very late nights, I slept in on Saturday and then caught up on some DVR episodes of Oprah. She had cheating spouses, money-spending maniacs, and menopause symptoms. That was good encouragement to get out of bed and make something good out of my day.

So there you go, one boring list. I promise to try to deliver some real stuff at some point this week. May God bless your day!


Monalea said...


You need to pat yourself of the back if you are a full time wife and mother, going to college, have a blog, etc. etc. etc. and still have a brain. You go girl!

I enjoyed your list. I'm glad you met Neva, she's wonderful. Way to go on the forgiveness thing. It is hard to forgive.



I like your lists ...

1 - It's okay not to blog sometimes. But I miss it when you don't.

2 - Neva is a COOL lady (and a real person).

3 - Forgiveness is a serious subject. And always eaiser said than done.

4 - Football, Can't imagine what Rocky goes through. I've never been a "I've got to win no matter what" person. But I've struggled with that this year for the first time while coaching (of all things) my sons flag football team. It's not that I want to win, I just don't want them to lose because I feel like I've let them down. I need some of Rocky's advise.

5 - No comments on Oprah, I'm a man and real men don't ask for directions or watch Oprah!!!

lisa said...

So ... didja get a picture of Neva?!

Maxine said...

It's so nice to be able to meet a blog friend. Glad you had the opportunity. Don't apologize for taking a week off. I've been thinking about doing that soon. Take care of yourself.

Mommysmart said...

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for the support about the lack of blogging. I guess we all get a little overloaded.

By meeting Neva, I realized that you and her are actually the reason for all of this connection. I thought that she knew Trey first, but it was you. You girls are the blog family founding mothers.

You are the list master, I am only a student. I respect your lack of Oprah support. Rocky is not much of a fan either. I'm glad that you are getting to coach. It is good fun.

No, but I heard that you were on a mission to find one. I will just assure you that she is just as beautiful outside as she is inside. Here is a hint for you: I had a photo of her in my head and she was a brunette there. I was wrong.

I encourage that you take a break. You will come back more refreshed and ready to communicate. Sometimes I forget that blogging is my fun time, not a "have to" thing.

Monalea said...

Monica, Trey has continually tried to take all the glory!!!! I'm glad you were finally set straight.