Monday, October 01, 2007

Mrs. Jolly

This is from the inside of the book Friday Night Lights, given to Rocky after his senior year football season. He has always kept this book on his book shelf and I thought it was because he liked the book so much. I now know that it was what was written inside that makes this book special. The high school home economics teacher, Mrs. Jolly, was a single mom living in Rocky's hometown that everyone loved. She had a special ability to let kids know that she believed in them. She told me that she saved her money to buy him this book and wished that she could have afforded the hard back. I don't know how many lives that she has touched, but I know that she will always hold a special place in Rocky's heart.
I got to meet Mrs. Jolly this last friday night. She sat right beside me and watched as Rocky coached his team to a win. The greatest part about this story is that she was also there to cheer on her oldest grandson. He plays on Rocky's team.
Mrs. Jolly's daughter was casually telling her mom about her son's new football coach back in July when they realized the connection. It really is a small world!
Rocky said that he was so proud to have her there. He felt like she was one of those people that he wanted to make proud and show her that she had made an impact on his life.
You just never know how much your kindness can mean to the life of another.


Monalea said...

Dear Smart Mommy,

I'm glad you are so smart and open my heart to the little things in life.


Maxine said...

So sweet, Monica. These are the things of life that have meaning. I would love to be a Mrs. Jolly in someone's life someday.
Nice picture. I like that.

Heather said...

Love the new look!!!! What a great story. It really is a small world.

Lori said...

I came to visit yours from one of your e-mails a while glad you left a comment! Tell Ashlynn hello for me. I've enjoyed keeping up with your family. We miss running into you at church on our way in! Glad to see that everyone is doing well. Talk to you later.