Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The First Team

Nazareth Swifts Quarterback and Seniors
It sort of amazes me that someone else's children can find a way into our hearts in such a short amount of time. Rocky is in his ninth year of coaching, but I have never felt about a team the way I do about this one. Maybe it's because there is more of an attatchment for a head coach. Or because Rocky spends so much of each day with them. I feel like they are his "other" kids. I hear about their injuries, their frustrations and pain, and their successes. Sometimes I worry about them. I pray for them. I have unbelievable excitement when they succeed. I know that we will someday be a faint memory of their past, but for us they will always be our first team.


The Preacher's Household: said...

You two play such an important role in the lives of these kids - I am glad that you have been put there for such a time as this for them and you. I know how instrumental the coach is in a small town. What a great ministry! I also hope that Josh has a coach like Rocky when he gets to that stage!
(from preachers house who can't seem to log in)


What a really cool post. It's easy to get attached to kids. I'm no Rocky, but I coached flag football for the first time this year. My eight guys made ever practice, played ever down and gave all they could. They never got mad at me and we amazingly we went farther than anyone ever expected us to. When we got to the superbowl this past Sunday I had a lump in my throat thinking that this was our last game. I told them that win or loose they'd make me proud today if they played as good sports. Down two touchdowns in the first half we were driving for what I hoped to be our first score. The kid who'd led the team all year said as we huddled up, "I've got an idea." I said, "What is it." He said, "Let's let Matthew run the ball." Matthew was the boy on our team that had some physical handicaps. He wasn't fast and he could only take the snap with his one good arm. Matthew got us about 4 yards.

We lost the game Sunday. Came it a proud second in the league. More than anything else, they made me proud.

I know it's a little strange that a preacher can tell a coach and his wife, "I know how you feel," but I really do.

Love you guys.

Maxine said...

I think that's very nice, Monica.And the memory may not be as faint as you think. So neat that you can pray for them.