Friday, November 09, 2007


Ok, I have officially lost my mind! I am writing about a dog.

Let's start from the beginning. I had a few pets as a child (never did they live in our house) but really I have never had any real attachment to animals. There are photos of me with our dogs Popeye, Brutus, and Olive Oil around the age of three, but I don't have an memory of them. Then we had Old Yeller. I think that the politically correct term for him was, MUT. After awhile he started biting our guests and so he had to find a new home.

That was it for my childhood and then Rocky and I got married and he loved pets (especially the kind that live in your house and sleep in your bed). I was not so sure about that! We have tried several times to have a pet (5 to be exact) in the past and it never works out.

Then came Honey. We bought Honey (for entirely too much money) and even got her papers. She is a registered toy chihuahua.

Honey was supposed to be Rocky and Ashlynn's dog, but she is certainly more attached to Rylan and I. As you can see, she is our "watch out and attack" dog. I'm still not ready to have her in my bed, put her on my Christmas card, or add her to my will. BUT, I am starting to like her a lot and "even, maybe, almost" think that she is a very vital part of our family. I'll keep you posted!

For the record, I have in fact posted other photos of Honey as you will see here and here and here!


Neva said...

You will come around---Ned was an outside dog sort of person. Just a month after my first husband died, my kids brought me this little shihtzu. They said, "Mom, we dont want you to be alone" I thought R U kidding me? With an 11 year old, a 13 year old and a 15 year old foster son, I am not even alone when I go to the bathroom. But I kept the little dog. She was great therapy and a few years later when Ned and I got married, he got attached to her too. When she died, we got another little shihtzu. Her name is Remi and she owns us--we are ever grateful that she LETS us live with her. :)

Stacie said...

Good luck with Honey, I guess I am a cat person, we have this cat that was about 2 weeks old when I found it alone and starving, he was abandoned by his mom. Several hundreds of dollars later he is healthy and very happy in our home. He is the one that was locked in the car last week.
Neva isn't kidding about Remi (little dog) I usually don't like dogs, but that one is pretty cute and very rotten...