Thursday, November 01, 2007

What about the M&M's?

Last night was very sleepless at the Smart House. Rylan got in our bed (yes this happens often) and was so restless. He would toss and turn and he cried a lot. Sometimes when he is having a growth spurt he will do this, but last night he seemed afraid. I can't imagine that it would have had anything to do with his daddy trying to scare them last night - a little Halloween fun.


Once I got him completely awake and asked him why he was crying. He said, "My M&M's are too little".

So there you go a Halloween scary candy dream!


Monalea said...

I love M&M's and this too has been a fear of mine. I'm glad Rylan has loving parents that are there for him. What a blessing from God.



Monalea has always loved M&M's. I know that's been one of her nightmares too.

I'm hoping to sleep well tonight. No bad dreams like Rylan's.

Heather said...

That IS frightening! Hope he has a better night tonight!