Friday, December 14, 2007

I still do!

Rocky and Monica 1996
Rocky and Monica 2007

It was 11 years ago that I said "I Do"! Every year on December 14th I think about our life together and as I reflect I find myself knowing that "I still do". I only have a few regrets. Now you are probably wondering why in the world I would write a post on my blog about the regrets of my marriage, well let me share........

I regret ever wishing that he would do something differently - it is through our differences that I have grown to better understand myself.

I regret assuming that he knew what I was thinking - there is no closeness like the experience of sharing all that is on your mind with your spouse.

I regret choosing a phone call or TV show over time with Rocky - in our crazy busy life it seems that time is so precious and I love just sitting and talking.

I regret waiting so long to start praying together - I believe that couples who pray together stay together.

So my plan is to wake up tomorrow free of regrets and ready to face the day with a Christian husband by my side and know that with every forgotten regret we stand stronger.



Hey ... I remember that day. Cool wedding, cooler couple.

Love you guys!

Neva said...

Happy anniversary my friend, You are both so beautiful! I love that you love each other and that you pray together--working to go to heaven together.


Liss and MOMMY said...

Congrats! How quickly it goes by...

StacyD said...

That was a great day! It was an honor to be a part of it. You guys have a LOT of GREAT hair :)

Monalea said...

What a beautiful couple. You both have grown better with age. Very good insight, wish I had had more in my first few years of marriage.