Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey, Childress people....Do you know who this is?

Here are your hints: She just received a really big honor. She was named one of Dallas 10 most beautiful women. She is just one of those great people with lots of charisma. She has made a great life for herself as worship leader at Fellowship church in Grapevine, a wife, and a mommy.

On a personal level, she was my best friend in high school and probably resoponsible for all of the fun that I had as a teenager. She was the yin to my yang. She is amazing and I am really proud of her. Read about her here!



Wow, a celebrity. Here are a couple of things I remember about Yanci.

1 - She was really mad at me when she saw where we were staying on the church ski trip (in 1991 I think). Remember the "Indian Hills" lodge? It was a piece of junk. ha! But it was also one of our best ski trips ever.

2 - I also remember almost running over her with a church van.

Procters said...

Wow, I'm not from Childress, but I do know Yanci! That is awesome. I had no idea she was ministry.

Stachia said...

She has just gotten more beautiful as she has matured.

Stephanie said...

That is too cool...she seems like she has her life and priorities in line...that is awesome...steph