Thursday, April 17, 2008

New items, giant bed, and long hair

Here are my two newest Phraseworthy additions. The first is a tile designed for the graduate. Then I have my custom coasters. I have made several inspirational sets and also custom (single initial monogram) sets.

This is our new bed. After 11 1/2 years on the same mattress, we took the plunge and upgraded to a king. This is not about luxury, just more space for the three of us. That would be Rocky, Rylan, and myself. We just hope that he is in his own bed sometime before he moves out on his own.

Here is Ashlynn at almost the required hair length to cut off and send her hair to locks of love. She did this a couple of years ago and we are almost there again. She is really sick of it and ready to have fewer tangles. One more inch to go.


Kingshuk said...

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Stachia said...


I love the tiles! Just thought I would tell you that a couple of years ago I got rid of my king size waterbed and went to a queen size bed. I didn't realize that it would be such a problem. All four of my kids complained that it wasn't big enough any more. Then some of there friends complained. You see I would go to bed a lot of times when there was a group of kids over watching a movied and usually the whole group would wind up in my room sitting on the floor and on the bed to talk. Even though they usually woke me up it was always a great time to hear them talking and laughing. After I switched to the smaller bed a group of Katie's friends had come home from college for the weekend and they all wound up in my room. They all complained that the mommy bed wasn't big enough but it didn't stop them from talking about the things that were going on a college, in fact they talked until about 2 in the morning. Then the other night we had a storm and when it thundered really loud I was only able to count to 6 before Conner was in there, 10 before Clay was in there and 20 before Cam came to see if we were all ok. So good look on getting Rylan to sleep in his own bed.

Stephanie said...

I love the new plaques...I just got a phone call from a client in Memphis and she wants me to decorate her house...I was thinking....some of these would be great...Plus I would like to do some of these for mother's day there are website that I can see everything....I love the bed...You will enjoy it...about the hair...good for her..that is a great thing to do...I admire her for offering her hair...good job...take care of yourself and when you are in town next time...hopefully we will get to see ya'....I think we are going to get to see jesse and Lois next weekend... We have to go to Abilene for the track meet...the funny thing is....they have never seen our should be fun...I sure miss to you soon...and have a great weekend...steph

Mommysmart said...


Thanks for the heads up on the bed situation. I bet that you are a cool mom to hang out with and talk to. It really is a blessing that your kids (and their friends) want to talk to you....even if it is by invading your room.


I work for a company out of Washington. I can order anything that you can think up. Some of what I am putting on my blog are just gift items, but if you have something specific then we can create it. I am planning to bring some things to Childress soon. I will probably have a "open house" or "party" to sell some gifts and take custom orders, but if you need something shoot me an email
Tell the Burleson's Hi! I am jealous that you guys get to see them. We will try to get together with you guys next time we are in town.

Procters said...

You know...when many other girls Ashlynn's age are concerned and insecure about their appearance, she is looking to better someone elses life. What a blessing!
All girls are faced with insecurities, I'm sure Ashlynn (and myself) included. But what a great life lesson and value for her. Good job, mom and dad!

StacyD said...

I got my custom lettering today and I LOVE IT!!!!! I can't wait to order more! Thanks :)