Saturday, May 10, 2008

Josh Braddock at State Track Meet

Josh had a great group of supporters.

Rylan was very fascinated with Josh's silver metal.
Here is Coach Smart and Josh in front of the Austin skyline and state capital.

Josh ran the 200 and 400 today at the State meet. He got second in the 400 and fifth in the 200. He is an amazing athlete that has made us proud all year. Congratulations Josh!!

I am having some problems getting videos to upload to my blog so if you are unable to view from the links click here. The UIL State Track Meet videos go in this order.....Josh 200, Josh 400, Bo Sprint Relay, Bo 800 Relay.


insane mama said...

Congratulations to Josh

Stephanie said...

There is nothing better than the state track meet...I can remember it like yesterday...Congrats to Josh and all the Bobcats and Lady Cats...wished we could've been there...steph