Monday, May 05, 2008

Woohoo, I'm Free!

I just finished my last final and I am free until August 25th! I have so many things to catch up on, like.......

  • organizing the enormous mail stack

  • cleaning out closets

  • re-painting rooms
  • Learning to use my Adobe Photoshop Elements (I would love any help)

  • finding homes for all of Phraseworthy items

  • catching up on blog reading

  • clearing the DVR (AKA - vegging all day in front of the TV)

  • reading FOR PLEASURE

  • filing documents from my hard drive and trashing old stuff

  • cleaning my disgusting vehicles!!!

  • And last but best...................Sleeping in at least once!


Procters said...

Congratulations!!! I will be free in just three short (or long!) weeks. Do the sleeping in thing first. The other stuff will be much easier to handle after that!

~Solo said...

Wow! Congratulations! Breathe, relax and enjoy!

Stephanie said... deserve a little rest and relaxation...sad thing list is actually longer than yours and I really don't have an excuse not to get to mine...have a great week...

Liss and MOMMY said...

Hey don't forget us! Now we can plan some good playdates. For the kids as well as us.

Stachia said...

What a list.... You could add going to Childress to help Leah, Dinah, & Stachia get their houses clean before graduation.