Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My heart is heavy

It just seems to me that this summer has been a swinging door for bad news. I am so thankful that my immediate family is happy and healthy, but so many of those around me are suffering tremendous heartache and pain.

I have been searching my bible for what God says about comfort, hope, and overcoming. It is usually my mission to read until I find that perfect scripture or example to share with my friends in pain. Maybe it is maturity or just a lesson that I needed at this moment in life, but I finally figured out that this is a terrible way to be a light for someone who is hurting. Heartache is rarely a condition that you feel anyone else can truly understand or relate to. I have been guilty of telling someone that Jesus understands (which I believe), that God knows their pain and hears their prayers (which I believe), and that the Spirit will work on their heart (which I believe). The problem with that is that it is somewhat shallow comfort. I have decided that praying for them, giving lots of hugs, listening, and letting God do his job without my preaching is a much better approach.

Another thing that I have learned is that God will most likely be at work on my heart if I will just allow myself to hurt with them. I have understood more about love through the experiences (even other peoples experiences) of life than any created idea that I have of it. There is no perfect scripture or bible character that can relate to every situation in life. I think searching for that could make me a crazy person and shake my faith. Instead, I choose to let God work his way. So with that, I don’t leave you a verse……only a prayer that you to will allow God to work through you and in you…..HIS WAY!

Today I ask that you pray for…..

The Braddock Family
Baby Noah
Young Marriages
Mackenzie C.
Single Mom’s
Mildred Washington
Men struggling with addictions


Stachia said...

Who is Mildred Washington? Getting through conflicts and problme can be really hard sometimes. I pray that everyone will take the time to cherish even the little things around them. Sometimes great blessings come out of a bad situation in the form of something small. Hang In There.

Procters said...

Just prayed...will keep praying. Love you!