Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekend in Childress

I couldn't resist this picture of my favorite Daddy's on Fathers Day. I think that these may just be the three most perfect Daddy's in the world ;)
Bo entered Jansyn as his Queen nominee at the Greenbelt Bowl. I think that it is so sweet to do that for his little sis. She looked so purtie! As you can see she comes from a long line of lovely ladies.

I had to be "that cousin" after the game and sneak a pic of Bo. He will be off to South Dakota State to play football late this summer. Sounds like a road trip to me!!!

Here is Rocky with his two guys from Naz. It was bitter sweet to watch them Saturday night. I guess that will be the last time that I will watch them play football. Lucky for us they are leaving behind three great little bro's to play for the Swifts.
Summer Blogging

The summer is so packed with trips and fun. I will be posting pics pretty often and I will also be doing some give-aways. I will choose all winners from my comments so make sure that you are able to leave one and good luck!!


Stachia said...

I am so glad you posted the picture of Jansyn by the time I saw her she was in jeans and a t-shirt but she still looks great. I will call when Cam & I head to South Dakota. He and Bo have already been planning a trip.

Liss and MOMMY said...

Were you guys there for the tornado? How did your families houses survive?

Procters said...

I love pictures and I love prizes! :) Happy summer, sweet friend!

Sharon said...

Glad you had a great weekend in Childress! Wish we could have visited. It was great to see you though! Did you get out of town before the storm hit? It was a crazy mess - still is! Love ya!

Stephanie said...

It was nice to get to see you this past weekend. I just hope that you weren't here on Sunday for the tornado...take care of yourself and enjoy your time you are in town...I would love for you to come by or drop by a catalog so I can order some things for the house.... I am having to repaint alot of the house because of the destruction so it gives me an excuse to do something new...take care...stephq