Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How is it already July the 9th?

This summer is flying by. We have been so busy and gone so much! Here is a little review........ A couple of nights ago, Rocky planned a faux campout. Don't tell him that I used the word faux to describe his camping adventure. Anyway, we had a fire pit for hot dogs and smores. He set up the tent and he and the kids (I don't do tents....I know I am a snot) and they slept in our backyard. They kids had a blast and they all got the camping out of their systems. My idea of roughing it is not having internet access. :)
On the fourth of July we went to Childress to pick up our kids who had spent the week with Grandmomma and Dad. Here are my two and Brooke patiently waiting for their animal balloon from the man at the park. There are always several boothes set up in the Childress park on the fourth. We got hot pretty quickly so we were only there about an hour. The most fun was dunking cousin Casey in the dunkin' boothe. When Rylan couldn't hit that circle target with a soft ball, he just ran up and punched it. Thankfully she laughed.

Here is the family on a paddle boat on the Childress park lake. Rocky asked the man how long they could ride and he told Rocky that the limit was 15 minutes but no one could ever last that long. I think all that Rocky heard was "you darin' me, boy". They stayed out paddling for 18 minutes. Ashlynn was not having much fun after that long, Rylan was just along for the ride, and Rocky was determined to WIN!

We went the entire family to San Antonio at the end of June. No San Antonio trip is complete without a visit to Sea World. Don't you just love dolphins?

The kids enjoyed the penguin adventure. This may be the only existing photo of Rylan with any character to date. He is usually terrified of the costumed creatures. Don't even think about taking him close to Chucky Cheese! This, however, was his idea.

Again, we were surprised that Rylan wanted to get this close to Flash. We spent day one of vacation at Fiesta Texas. This was our first visit to this theme park, and it was a great park. It is much smaller than Arlington, but the kids had a blast.
P.S. I don't think that them are Flash's real muscles. shhh.....

Rocky and the kids rode the log ride 8 times. Unfortunatley my stomach does not allow for rollercoasters. I have tried several times and each time I leave feeling that I have been gutted alive. I remember my first experience.....I had a crush on an older boy. I was somewhere around 14 and on a youth trip to Six Flags. He asked me to ride the mine train (the mini one). I said yes at the oppurtunity to sit next to him. Sometime during the ride I clawed his arm to shreds enough that it bled. As soon as we got off, I threw up. I don't know why he never asked me out....hmmmm.?.

Here are the kids waiting in line for the tea cups. Thankfully they never waited too long for any ride that day.

And, of course, I celebrated the 4th aniversary of my 29th birthday on June 26th. We were already at the hotel so Rocky and the kids bought one of those tiny chocolate cakes at the store and put candles on it. We had all already consumed the cake when we realized the we didn't take a picture. Rylan licked the candles for us so that they wouldn't look "yucky" in the picture.
We are really enjoying a great summer and I pray that you are finding blessings in yours!


NB said...

Love the paddle boat story! Typical man - ha!

Looks like your family is having a lot of fun. Your children will remember these times forever!

Totally understand the rollercoaster thing. My story is nearly identical except the older boy talked me into riding The Octopus. Talk about motion sickness!! Makes me ill just thinking about it. :)

Procters said...

Thanks for the update. It looks like y'all are having a fun and busy summer like us.
I'm so with you on the camping thing. My idea of "camping" is a nice cabin or hotel in the mountains. Indoor plumbing is a MUST.

Stachia said...

I don't like roller coasters either but I just got back from Colorado with Cam and we went Zip Lining. Cam didn't think I would do it considering I am afraid of heights but I am kinda like Rocky, don't tell me that I can't so I jumped off of a perfectly good mountain and zipped across to the other side and I am so ready to go do it again. We also went white water rafting and I loved that as well and think I could do that all the time. I thought it was really sweet that my Senior boy wanted to go on a trip with his Mom. I think he was ready to get home though.
I forgot that your birthday was in June as well so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!