Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day of School

Today I sent my fourth grader and my principal/coach off to start another year. They were excited and ready to go. Rylan and I are feeling a little lost, but we will be in our groove very soon. Rylan starts pre-school on the 8th and I begin school tomorrow. Hope that your first day was a good one!


The Munchkin Patch said...

Be sure to check out our Back to School Bash going on at The Munchkin Patch this week!!

KP said...

Ashlynn looks so grown up! Rocky too (haha).

Stachia said...

It is so funny I take pictures with my kids going out the door in the same pose as Ashlynn. Does she complain about it like the boys do? Are taking a full load this semester?

Stephanie said...

Love the picture...I am glad that you are getting back into only gets busier...congrats on the principal position...steph

Procters said...

Wow! Principal!! Is that new or did I just not know that?
I hope your first week has been as good as ours. Man, I'm tired! :)

Mommysmart said...

Yes, she does look grown up. Where does the time go.

Yes, she complains a little about it. What you didn't see is that I also take one with her holding her fingers up with the grade. There may have been a little eye rolling in that one.
I am taking 16 online hours this semester. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Thank you, Rocky is excited. You are right about the "busy" thing.

The principal thing is a recent development. It is a good thing. We are having a good week. Girl, you should be are making a baby.