Wednesday, December 17, 2008


What is the significance of the number 12 have (besides that it was the last date that I posted)?

The bible mentions….
12 apostles
12 sons of Jacob
12 tribes of Israel
12 spies to Canaan

Revelation 21:10-21
The city has twelve gates with the names of the twelve tribes on them. Twelve angels stand at the gates; the walls have twelve foundations garnished with twelve precious stones, and in them the names of the twelve apostles. The city is twelve thousand furlongs square, and the twelve gates are twelve pearls.

The number twelve is used here symbolically of Gods perfect government. Twelve is here nine times and the walls are 144 cubits = 12 x 12. If we accept the 144 being a reference to 12 then we have ten such in this passage. But also not that the length breadth and height are all equal, all twelve thousand furlongs. If we count this as three measures of twelve rather than just one, than there are twelve, twelves in this passage of twelve verses.

Also, there are…………..
12 days of Christmas
12 months in a year
12 zodiac signs
12 daytime hours in a day
12 nighttime hours in a day
12 function keys on a computer keyboard
12 buttons on a standard phone (1-9, *, #, and 0)
12 jurors on a US felony jury
12 stations of the moon and sun
12 inches in a foot
12 = a dozen
12 basic hues in a color wheel
12 pairs of ribs in the body
12 men have walked on the moon
The minute hand of a clock turns 12 times faster than the hour hand. 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours are all perfectly divided by 12.

So why, you ask, would I care about the number 12?

Sunday, Rocky and I celebrated our 12th anniversary so obviously I became obsessed with trying to find the significance of the number. Of course, after much research (that I didn't have time for) I discovered that the best news about the number 12 was yet to be discovered… least at the Smart house! :)


Ryan Mills said...

congrats on 12 years. that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know their were so many meanings behind the number twelve.
Dylan was born the 12th those are some neat facts my grandmothers birthday who was very special to me was also born on the 12th day. Thanks for that...
AND... Congrats on 12 years, we had our 20th this year... you have so much more to look forward to...

Cheryl Howell


Twelve years? I'm feeling old :)

Amanda KP said...

i'm like trey on the old part...but we are only 10, so i guess that makes us younger!?! :)

congrats on 12 and blessings on the next 82!!! :)