Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Name Dropping - RE-POST

So I learned from Lisa that the definition of name dropper is : One who begins throwing out the credentials of someone he knows, "Doctor so-&-so from such-&-such university, who also has a PhD in yadda-yadda, was having lunch with me one day and we were discussing ..." and ends up rambling about nothing related at all to the topic.
For a moment just humor me with this name dropping session!
Rocky was having dinner with Herschel Walker on Monday and....
He did attend a dinner and Hershel Walker was there speaking. I think that he has a book about his life coming out. They took their football team over to hear him speak. He didn't talk football or career. He talked about God and his life. Rocky was very impressed. Rocky said that he told a story that his dad used to tell him about a negative and postitive boy.
The negative boy constantly whined and complained and the positive boy was happy not matter what the circumstance. Growing tired of the negative boy's attitude, the dad decided to do a little experiment. On Christmas morning he placed all of the toys in the room with the negative boy and filled the positive boys room with horse manure. Christmas morning came and Dad went first to check on negative boy. He was grumbling and complaining because none of this was what he wanted. Dad told him that nothing in life would ever make him happy. He started towards the positive boys room and was amazed to hear him giggling. He stepped in to see the boy frantically shoveling the manure. He asked him just what in the world he was doing. The boy replied, "with all of this manure, there has to be a horse in here somewhere!"
I posted this a little over two years ago, but thought that it was fun to bring out of the vault considering that Herschel Walker is now on the Apprentice (which you know that I love and a huge fan).

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