Sunday, April 26, 2009


don’t try to hold it in ~ it’s a hopeless cause. just go on and giggle! and why would you want to hold back your giggles, anyway? a giggle is audible joy. it’s the music of an abundant heart and an ecstatic soul. a giggly heart is one that is loved well and cherished completely. so ~ don’t ever hold back your delightful giggles. instead, celebrate them! giggle!!
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Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

I like the post! Yesterday I "giggled". I almost giggle at the word "giggle". Such a funny word. Anyway, I started giggling(laughing)at one of the songs we were singing during our worship assembly. It became contageous, Amanda started giggling too!
The song we laughed at was "Are You Sowing The Seed Of The Kingdom?" Well, in the song, to make it fit the notes, the word kingdom sounds like Are you sowing the seed of the King dumb brother. Yes, I like to laugh, enjoy life, and have fun ... yes even during worship assemblies!