Sunday, October 08, 2006


I promise to only vent when absolutely necessary!

We had a bad friday night. Our team got beat. Near the end of the game when the realization of loss had become obvious, a dad of one of the players decided to take his anger out on the coaches wives. I had left at halftime to be with my parents, who were in town. Apparently, he stood in front of them and with many obscenities voiced his oppinion of just how sorry our coaching staff is. He continued to tell the women of husbands who are rarely home this time of year, that they should all be fired. As expected the kids began to cry and the wives became very scared because no one seemed to be trying to make him stop. As if that was not enough he got into one of the wives face and started yelling directly at her. She was holding her baby on his side and began to physically shake. They were horrified and emabrassed. The biggest problem with all of this is that now that he has done this, they may all feel that they have the right to confront us at games. He is a bully! Who in their right mind picks on a group of women and children. We make sacrifices daily! Not only do we run our households on our own during the season, but we continue to support our husbands so that they are able to give their best to their team. Our husbands are away countless hours a week to use their time and talents to make better men of these people's sons. No one knows that amount of energy and prayer our husbands give to shaping the lives of these kids, sometimes at the expense of time with their own families. This is one of the best staffs of great men that I have ever met. These are good christian men that only want the best for these boys. They take their jobs very seriously and sacrifice a lot of themselves and their families to do what they do. I have not met a coach yet, who tries to loose a game. Have a little respect!

With that being said here is the reason that we will continue on....that proves more of a reason that those kids need our husbands. If that man will talk to us that way just imagine how he talks to his family. I just thank God that I have a good husband to share with these young men. We may never know how important their example is to these kids.


This may be the best 30 minutes that you will spend today!


What I admire about

My mom

she is a nurturer, very giving, she has faith that could move mountains, her prayer life, the way she caters to eveyone else before herself, she is a hardworker, her love for her family, she is brave, has never been selfish, she is a woman of noble character (proverbs 31:10), she gives, loves, and trusts God. I can only hope to be the women that she is. I love you, Mom.

One more thought

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have!


I am so blessed! I have happy healthy children, a wonderful husband, an amazing extended family, good friends, and the grace of God.

So that's all from this day in the life of mommysmart!

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Hixon said...

Vent away, sister. It's your blog so you can do whatever you want with it! - Stacy H.