Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This cracks me up! A couple created this to show how much junk food you should have in order to stay healthy. This gives new meaning to portion control. I am again attempting Weight Watchers. I hate to even say it out loud, because for two years I have had no motivation. I still have very little motivation, but as Rocky says (and he should know), it's not about wanting to do it, it's just about doing it. My friend Stacy and I have created a blog to keep up our recipes and to encourage one another. With her permission I will put a link after we have the kinks worked out. So happy weight watchering!
If you take a look at my post from yesterday, we had Ashlynn give us our report card. We made good grades. She did ask that we help her with her ability to pray (interesting since that was one of the other of my posts yesterday). So last night she prayed for safety in the travel for my parents this weekend and then that her little buddie at school would play with her at recess. At first, I sort of thought about redirecting that part of the prayer. Then it became painfully obvious that she gets it more than I do. God is our friend and he cares about even the little stuff. So, we didn't really help Ashlynn with her ability to pray, she helped us.
Friend of God
by John Fischer

Worshiping God involves counting on him as your friend. This may be a new thought to some who are used to thinking of God as more aloof and distant when it comes to a personal relationship with any of us. It is much more common to think of God as high and lifted up than to think of him as a companion. That may be because he is high and lifted up, and his glory fills the whole earth. But the truly amazing thing about God is that he will relate to any of us as a friend. He meets us at our level, and in doing so, confirms both our intrinsic value and our value to him.
Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Oh yeah baby, the '80's!
So my friend is going to an eighties party. They are taking their yearbooks and dressing up. This made me think about it a lot yesterday. Please comment on your '80's memories and check out these sites.

I pity the fool - Mr. T
Wynonna & Naomi - best country duo EVER!
Footloose (15th Anniversary) - as a COC girl, I could relate and loved the soundtrack
The Breakfast Club - this was the dumbest movie, but eveyone loved it
St. Elmo's Fire - great movie and soundtrack
Some Kind of Wonderful - All time favorite movie
John Cusack - The best '80's actor - BIG hair (my favorite part of 80's)
Other fun 80's links:

Are You a Child of the 80s?

Trapped between the "Baby Boomers" and "Generation Y" is a special generation ... a generation we call "Children of the Eighties." If you can identify with most of the 15 points below, chances are you are definitely one of them ...

You owned a *real* Rubik's cube.
One word: Izod.
You remember when MTV didn't exist. Alternatively you remember when the M stood for Music, not Mundane.
"Alternative" music actually was...and not popular Top 40 tunes.
You were a "wanna be". Madonna, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, etc.
"Where's the beef?"
You know how to use a rotary phone.
Max Headroom was cool.
You know how (or wanted to be able) to Moonwalk!
Atari, IntelliVision, TelStar and Coleco were the ultimate gaming systems to own.
Leg warmers and headbands alá Pat Benatar once looked really cool to you.
You remember when Jordache jeans with a flat-handle comb in the back pocket was cool.
Jelly bracelets & shoes!
Your hair defied gravity.
You are still baffled by the "day glo" clothing trend.

So, are you a Child of the '80s? You're facing a long uphill culture battle to stay tuned-in to that great decade, so follow our advice:

Never forget or deny your 80s heritage. Be sure to start most of your sentences with "Back in the 80s" or "When I was your age"...
Spend a majority of your time in your late 20s & early 30s obsessing over how much better things were "back then".
Never let them see you sweat.
The things that I admire about
honest, fun, crazy, she has a quirky innocence, an optimist, I love the way she always says what's on her mind, her drama, the way that she loves everyone, she always sees past someones shortcomings, her desire to be better, her sometimes competitive nature, her ability to laugh at herself, caring, I love watching her evolve into a young lady! I love you, Ashlynn!
Today I feel blessed to be exactly who I am. I love that I was born to my parents. I love that I was born in the 70's and lived through the 80's and 90's as a kid and teenager. I love that I married a good man. I love that I have the children that I have. I love that my life is exactly what it is. Today I feel blessed to feel content.
So that's all from this day in the life of mommysmart!

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