Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Today my ebay auctions ended. I probably made about $25.00 (it all belongs to my Dad - his clothes). If you have never sold on ebay it is a lot of fun. It still amazes me that people will buy some of the things that they buy. It is really noting more than an online garage sale. I am also going to be cleaning today. My parents are visiting this weekend to celebrate Ashlynn's birthday. So happy cleaning everyone!

Cleaning Tips

It is always fun to try new tips so that cleaning seems for fun. So here is what I tried today. Seems to be working.
Air Freshener
For immediate air freshener in the bath, place a fabric softener sheet in the wastepaper basket or add a dab of fragrance on a light bulb. When the light is on, the heat releases the aroma.

Check out these sites for more tips:,,284549,00.html


So I found LOTS of inspiration today......

The Value of Full-Time Moms

Humor Hang-ups

Humor is an opportunity to lighten up our world. It helps us process life and manage relationships. Sometimes, though, we can’t seem to find the humor button. Here are snags that are sure to get in the way of laughter in our lives:

Overcommitment. We do too much and stay in a hurry.
Turning something joyful into a stressor. We let the responsibilities of a project outweigh the benefits. We make something more complicated than it needs to be.

Giving too much priority to the unimportant. We get upset about something that won’t matter a month from now. Do you ever argue with a child over something that simply isn’t important?

Fear that the person you are mad at will no longer be punished by your anger. When we use anger to punish, we are the ones who miss out, and we waste our energy.

Setting expectations too high. If we don’t accept that life with children will include disorder, we will stay frustrated because we feel out of control.

Forgetting how to have fun. Do you believe that now that you are an adult you can’t be silly anymore? Even as adults, we can still have slumber parties with our girlfriends, Chinese fire drills and pillow fights.

Do you have any humor hang-ups? It’s never too late to make changes and approach life with a different strategy.

Parent Report Card
(to be completed by the kids)

Sometimes the very best feedback on parenting comes from the ones we’re trying to parent. Sure, it’s risky, but what better way to open channels of communication with your children?

____ Dad (Mom) shows that he (she) loves me

____ Dad (Mom) is fair in his (her) decisions

____ Dad (Mom) is interested in my feelings

____ Dad (Mom) admits when he (she) is wrong

____ Dad (Mom) spends enough time with me

____ Dad (Mom) controls his (her) anger and words

____ Dad (Mom) listens to what I say

____ Dad (Mom) is fun

____ Dad (Mom) trusts me

____ Dad (Mom) respects me

____ Dad (Mom) enjoys being with me

____ Dad (Mom) provides spiritual leadership

____ Dad (Mom) makes me a priority in his (her) life

____ Overall Grade

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is best), what kind of relationship do you want with Dad (Mom)? ____

On the same scale, where are you today in your relationship with Dad (Mom)? ____

If your Dad (Mom) could do three things to raise his (her) grade to a 10, what would they be?




In Deuteronomy 6:4-7, God instructs parents to teach children about following Him. In what three areas of your spiritual walk would you like your dad or mom to help?



The Mom You’re Meant to Be
Teach Your Child to Pray

When prayer is a natural part of your day-to-day routine, your kids learn the value of going to God with little things as well as the big things.
• Help your kids see things around them as visual aids to prompt prayer. If you’re driving and see an ambulance speeding down the street, ask your kids to pray for the person being treated.
• Pray in a conversational way. Instead of saying a formal prayer at meals and bedtime, speak to God as a friend. Use simple, conversational language. Kids will think, I can do that. They will be more likely to talk to God in their own way.
• Use Bible verses. Have your kids ever said, “I don’t know what to say when I pray?” Show them verses that will give them ideas. For example, if they’re having a hard time in math, they can use Philippians 4:13 to jump-start their conversation with God.
“Lord, thank You that I can do all things (even my math homework) because You give me strength.”

The things that I admire about

Mrs. Darwin

caring, funny, great listener, dedicated mother, always as excited about my ideas as me, loyal to her friends, very positive, an eternal optimist, intelligent, flexible (not the foot over her head kind, the willing to compromise kind), happy, great writer, gives great advice, supportive. I appreciate your abitlity to inspire me to always try for better in evey aspect of my life!


Today I feel blessed to have friends. Especially long time friends. I love that they all have an important role in my life. I am thankful that they are not all exactly the same. They all give me strength in different ways for the many roles as a woman in my life. Thank you, Lord, for friends!

So that's all from this day in the life of mommysmart!

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Wow....I didn't know you liked my mother-in-law so much....wait...oh, that's me!

I'm touched and honored to be YOUR friend!