Thursday, March 22, 2007

How are you? FINE...No really sort of grumpy!

I didn't post yesterday because I was feeling grumbly. I don't always come across very "christ-like" during these times. I sound more like a spoiled-brat baby. NOT PRETTY! I feel sorry for my family because they don't get the option of not "clicking on my blog". They get the good, bad, and sometimes ugly personality days without choice. I was reminded of a sermon that Rick did a while back about people only attending church when they are "FINE". The truth is that we need each other the most when we are not FINE. So here are a few things that work for me when I am not FINE......

1. Start the day with a prayer and don't end it....everything that you say will be a conversation to God....that'll make you choose your words a little more wisely.

2. Fast. Maybe only for a meal so that you can talk to God and work through the blues. You will find yourself more "full" than if you had eaten.

3. Express your gratitude. Journals are great. It is hard to be sad when you are seeing all of your blessings.

4. Give yourself permission to slow down a little.

5. Get outside. Sunlight does amazing things to mind clarity.

6. Work out. I never want to do this one when I am down and out, but it is a must.

7. Chocolate - sorry guys this may not work for you, but as for us girls it is a no-brainer. Besides you just worked out.

8. Do something for someone else. I played power rangers for an hour yesterday. Depending on your child you may need to play hot wheels, barbies, or a game. Around here, it is power rangers and apparently I don't play as good as Daddy.

9. Find someone that is struggling. Pray for them.

10. Listen - I have heard God more in the valleys than on mountain tops. He may have you there for a reason.

So there you go (Trey I know you are proud of my top 10 list)! Feel free to add what works for you.


Stachia said...

What a GREAT top 10 list!

lisa leichner said...

Monica, I was there yesterday and still feeling that way today. Yesterday, like you, I didn't blog so as to not share my bad mood. Today I'm coming out in all my sarcasm and snark (if that's a word). Thanks for this uplifting post. I'm getting off the computer RIGHT NOW so as to use some of your tips.


Mon ... love the list. Awesome Top 10 list. As my kids would say ... "You've got Top 10 skills."

As for the Power Ranger thing ... I think you'd make a great lime-green Ranger.

I hope to see more "Top 10" lists from ya! Who knows, maybe you can start doing the "Top 10 Tuesdays" with me.

As for being grumpy or snarky ... I've never been any of those things. If you don't believe me just ask my mom, don't ask my family. :)

Mommysmart said...

Hey Stachia and Lisa,

Why do we get this way? Glad to have good women like you guys around to keep me smiling.


I had never noticed the top ten tuesday. I knew that you did lists, but didn't realize that you had a pattern. I'm slow sometimes. I like it, and think I want to give that a try, too. Do you mind?

Oh, and if there were a lime green ranger, I would probably want to play more often.

Heather said...

Monica~I love the list! I am going to print it out for when I need inspiration on one of "those" days. I hear you about Power Rangers. I would always have to be the yellow one, because he would never buy the set that included the Pink ranger.

Neva said...

I have on to add---call your friend, the one you trust, the one who loves you even when your'e grumpy and ask her to pray with you and for you--right over the phone. My mom does that with me on the days I wake up "under a dark cloud". It usually works. (Besides my mom tells me what she loves about me and how proud she is of me--and then says if I'd just come over {from TX to OR} she'd make me some cookies) hard to be grumpy after that! :) BTW, She calls me when she feels grumpy and I return the favor.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I know I am late to comment, but I wanted to say that I loved the way you phrased number ten!

P.S. I'm glad you changed your comments section:)

Mommysmart said...


I'm glad that I changed that, too. It is good to have you here. I really beleive that about hearing God in the valleys. Thanks for the comment!

Karen said...

FINE is always a good answer: