Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekend reading!

Great marriage stories!

Help your child behave!

This is on my sidebar, but the best inspiring stories in one collection!

Also on the sidebar, a cyber hymnal! I am always looking for lyrics of old "blue book" songs!

This writer for the purpose driven life is excellent!

Don't forget you can always listen to Trey and Rick online. My favorite two preachers!



Monica ... I don't deserve to have a friend as good as you. You're always so encouraging. Thanks for even having me on the same list as Rick.

(I'll put your endorsement check in the mail)


Neva said...

do you have any resources for how to make your kids behave when they are 29 and 26? :)

Mommysmart said...


If you noticed your name is before Rick's. That was no accident.


I can't see past fits, eye rolling, foot stomping, and whinning at this point. You are going to have to be the expert on the twenty-something stuff. I'll be there soon enough so you'll have to share your wisdom.