Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Top ten signs that you are a MOM!

I am taking the "top ten tuesday" challenge from Trey. So here are the top ten signs that you are a mom.
1. You find yourself sitting in your mini-van in line at McDonalds knowing that the guy taking your order doesn't wonder what you want, but how many happy meals you want

2. The contents of your purse are as follows:


several bandaids

someone elses chewed gum inside a receipt


a sharpie

and not one single makeup item

3. Your kids are wearing the seasons hottest fashion and you are not sure which decade your wardrobe is actually from

4. You wipe someone else's bottom more than your own

5. You can barely remember to brush your hair but you have memorized every wiggles character, the PBS morning cartoon line up, and all of the cedamont kids songs on 4 different CD's

6. You say things that your mom used to say and with her tone

7. You have to check on the way to school to make sure that you put on your deodorant and brushed your teeth

8. You faithfully read mommyblogs to get the latest ideas for school party deserts (you must be the coolest mom)

9. You begin to realize just how smart, wonderful, talented, and giving your own mother really has always been

10. You lay your head on your pillow at night realizing that you better understand God's love and you can't imagine waking up to anyone else's life


Stachia said...

11. The kids only have something
IMPORTANT to tell you when you are in the bathroom or on the phone.


Great list ... Loved the "wipping bottom's" one. Would you believe I've got a couple of really GREAT wipping bottom stories. Crude - but so funny.

lisa leichner said...

OR You have to lock yourself in the bathroom for private time.

Great list, Monica! That'll give Trey a run for his money. (o;

Neva said...

While I was reading this, I was thinking, and number 10 should be, you wouldn't have it any other way.
Pretty cool list


Anonymous said...

Signs you're a mom: When your heart aches because you can't be a stay-at-home mom anymore. :(

Mommysmart said...

Stachia and Lisa,
I haven't been to the bathroom alone in years!

You may have to share even if it is crude.

You are right I wouldn't have it any other way.

My heart goes out to you. I have worked more than being at home through raising my kids and I understand. The caretakers of my kids sure are prayed for people. Just cover them in prayer and trust that God can use them to the good of your childrenj, too.

The Preacher's Household: said...

This list was stressfully point on with me. I enjoyed the ending. By the way, we have found being in ministry that everyone tells you there secrets. I realized at our first church that there were more adults in diapers than under 2's.
Thanks for adding me to your list, I really like your site too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement Monica! I am not usually one to mope around, but I was having a "moment". Sorry to vent on your blog but I appreciate the advice!

Marie said...

Love the post. Even if you lock yourself in the bathroom- there is no private time for all the banging and screaming formulating outside the door.

Mommysmart said...


That would make a good top ten..signs that you are acting like a 2 year old.


You are not moping. You sharing a very common heartache for moms. Besides feel free to mope on my blog anytime.


I have locked myself in the bathroom before to count to 10. You are right they are beating on the door and crying the entire time. I usually only get to about 7 and have to go calm the troops.