Thursday, May 03, 2007

National Day of Prayer

As you know today is National Day of Prayer. The above link will take you to the official website. You can watch a video from Coach Tony Dungy who says, "My heart has been changed through prayer. If it can change one heart, it can change the heart of a nation."

My prayer

God we praise you that we have the blessing of living in the United States. We thank you for our freedom, oppurtunities, and material wealth. We ask that you protect our country from those who want to harm us. Lord, bring us leaders who know you and who want us to know you. I pray that we will teach our children to rise up and look to you for guidance and not lean on their own understanding. Bring your presence to all of our country. Use us to be a light for you.

In Jesus Name



Neva said...

I join you in prayer today for our nation, our church and the lost.

Peace and prayers


Ronald Regan ... smart man starting this day of prayer.

I'll go down to the court house at noon and pray with the community people.

Besides our schools could use them today. Someone called in a bomb threat and they are all "locked" down.

The elementary school kids are scared. The Jr. High kids think it's cool. And the H.S. kids are just worried that they won't get to go off campus for lunch today.

Go figure.

Mommysmart said...

That is terrible! We live in a world that needs lots of prayer. I will include Childress today in my prayer.

The Preacher's Household: said...

James is helping with the community prayer lunch in one of our towns and is hosting the evening prayer meeting in our other town. It's a big day of prayer. We don't have to agree with how each other worships or if we are all saved, we can just be together in prayer to the only One who can do anything for our nation. It should happen more often.

Maxine said...

Thank you for this reminder, Monica. Oh, how we need to pray for our nation and how thankful I am for it. I agree with you with your asking the Lord to grant us leaders who know and love Him. And we will pray for those we have now and for the coming elections.
How sad to see what is happening in schools. We have to stay on our knees!