Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Power of a visiting preacher

From time to time our wonderful minister is out of town. As a creature of habit, that sometimes worries me. I am afraid that those of us that have grown up always going to church get too stuck in our routines. Sometimes God needs to shake us up. I have two great examples of just how God used guest speakers. I'll start with this past sunday. Rick was out of town and our college minister filled in. This is a "must hear" lesson! He has so much energy and bible knowledge. I really felt challenged by his visit to the podium. Next is a sermon from a couple of years ago.

So here was my favorite quote: He said that he was a BUICK (Brought up in church kid)

Take some time to hear Jonathan Storment talk about the importance of understanding grace and truth in the sermon titled Grace pays the bills (April 29, 2007).


I wasn't born on the pew, but I got there shortly there-after! Dr. Randy Harris

Dr. Harris (from Abilene) was a visiting speaker at our church in August of 2005. His lesson "Radical Hospitality" has stayed with me and been one of those lessons that changed my thinking. You can listen here. It only takes 30 min and if you have grown up in church you will be affected by this.

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It's nice to hear people pick up on things that the preacher says. Even if it's little things. I love it when kids and people come up to me and quote something that I said in a sermon. It makes me know that someone IS actually listening.

I'm anxious to hear "Radical Hospiality" ... I'll stick it on my mp3 and listen to it during my run. Thanks