Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday

Things that you can't believe that you actually had to say to your children!
1. Son, don't sit on your sisters head!
2. Don't look under the stall, other people are in there using the restroom.
3. Please don't ask Mr. Dan why his belly is so fat.
4. Don't check to see if you wiped good, with your fingers.
5. Please tell you sister that you are sorry that you drew "R's" all over her homework.
6. We don't stick pens, pencils, or forks in our ears or nose!
7. Please stop eating that candy from the ground, I know that it is yummy, but it is dirty.
8. You have to stop licking my face!
9. If you break off your power rangers legs they won't be able to walk. Oh, I forgot that Daddy tapes them back on. Ok, whatever makes you happy.
10. Who told you that you could do that? Oh, Jesus, well......Ok, then.
If you are a parent, I know that you have at least one of these. Let us hear it!


Chris said...

Oh no... Is that magic marker all over the little ones face???

I am curious as to how you reacted and what you said...

Mommysmart said...


Those FORTUNATELY are not MY precious little angels. It is a photo from the email "Why dad's shoudn't babysit (http://madeyoulaugh.com/index.php?page=funny_photos/babysitting.

I rarely use my "actual" kids on the mommysmart blog.

Chris said...

Oh no... Do I ever feel misinformed!

I was actually hoping they were yours so that I could either learn the correct way to respond, or learn that others are like me and would have been upset.

Thanks for the correction.


Monica, You have quickly become a "Top 10" Jedi Master. I bow to you.

Here are a couple of more stupid questions parents ask their children...

1) Do I look stupid to you? (We really don't want them to answer to that).

2) If you get out there and mess with your father's tools and cut off your legs ... don't you come running in here to me.


Mommysmart said...


I can honestly say that I have never aspired to be a Jedi Master, but I know you and take that as a compliment. I don't hold a candle to your "10's" so that must make me a Jedi student.

I love your number 2. That is funny.

Anonymous said...

We don't trim the cat's whiskers. Ever.

Next time, please get a towel to wipe up the juice spill - not the slacks that I just ironed.

Why are you arms and legs covered with peanut butter?


Neva said...

"They die when you pet them and no I dont know why they call them pets"

(at the burial of our goldfish)


Anonymous said...

"When we are old, you get to take care of us just like we took care of you"

Mr. Neva, aka Ned

Anonymous said...

("They die when you pet them and no I don't know why they call them pets")

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! That's a good one Neva!


lisa leichner said...

Oh shucks, I meant to comment on this earlier today, but I got to the other posts & forgot to come back! (And, no, I don't really use the word "shucks" all that often.)

Monica, I have said your #2 a zillion times!!

I love your #10 too. I hear my second use Jesus as an excuse all the time -- "Jesus wants you to share your toy with me" etc.

Here are some of mine:
Why is the back door open and where is Derek? (said after I got out of the shower and realized Derek was nowhere to be found--yes, he was where you think he was ... without any pants or diaper on!!)

No, peas do not belong in there ... or any other part of your body.

Mommysmart said...


Those are great! I really love the ironed jeans as a towel. I rarely iron so that would have been BAD at our house.


I could just see the little fingers chasing the fish around the bowl. Good stuff.

Mr. Neva,

We always tell our kids that we will want to wear diapers when we are old whether we need them or not. It is a fun little threat. Good to see you out and about.


Number 2 is a classic, isn't it? I love the outside naked story. They always escape naked like some crazed caged animal (and while we are in the shower). Good thing for privacy fences or we may all be in jail.

Thanks everyone!

The Preacher's Household: said...

I think I have said most of your list just this week. These are great.