Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday

I could have gone my entire life without knowing....

*what it feels like to break a toe
*anything about Tom Cruise past Top Gun

*that a bad sunburn can produce painful blisters

*how a pear tastes
*how our country would respond to terrorist attacks
*what it feels like to ride a roller coaster
*what the term "hanging chads" means

*how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsiepop

*what ingredients are in a donut

*how your parents would react to you wrecking your first car

What about you, what could you go your entire life without knowing?


Stachia said...

How long it takes to do a bone marrow and an lumbar puncture.

How to retrieve a gum ball from a childs nose.

How to put together a full body picture of your child by pasting together all of his x-rays.

Finally that chocolate is not in a good food group.


That girls look different without make up than with make up.

What else my dog had licked or eaten when he licked me in the lips the other day.

The Preacher's Household: said...

I am with you on the Tom Cruise comment, but Top Gun was great.

Stacia, James says he definately would not want all those xrays of our kids.

I could have lived without Trey's first comment.

I tasted a weed in my yard today to see if it was cilantro, bad choice.

Going through potty training your little ones.

Chris said...

What it is like to hold your child down and remove a raisin from his nose, as well as a small pebble from his ear.

The thoughts that went through my mind when I read Trey's second comment.


Thanks for the laughs guy. I needed them today.

Mommysmart said...

Thanks everyone the additions were great. Have a good day!