Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How do we make sense of pure evil?

More photos at of all, I don't believe that you can make sense of evil. However, it does exist. I don't think that it changes the fact that there is pure goodnes in our world or the perfect greatness of our God. As probably everyone in the world, I have watched too much coverage about the events of that day. Today I have decided to shift my focus to the overwhelming togetherness of the students at VT and the amazing hero stories that are surfacing. Our world can be good and God is great!


The Preacher's Household: said...

That picture says so much.
Thanks for posting it.

Chris said...

Thank you for your comments!

Opportunities such as this allow God's people to be his hands in service to those who are hurting.

Maxine said...

Good for you! I've found that I too had to tear myself away from all of the horrible reports about the gunman, what the police should have done, etc.etc. I have been impressed with the response of many student to the interviews and even of members of the faculty. If there's ever a time to pray for our country it's now. Talk to you soon. Thanks for this picture.

Neva said...

"Fix your eyes on the eternal . . ." The only way we can make it --thanks for the post, Monica



Monica ... you need to share you chicken pox story with everyone!

Marie said...

That is an awesome picture. I finally quit watching everything- my heart couldn't' take it anymore. I'll still pray and hope and love, and remember that our God reigns!