Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mommy knows best....or learns her lesson!

Well, I wasn't going to post this story so I sent it out in an email to those that would still love me even if I sounded like a really mean person. I am a rule follower and I rarely disobey, but I have a problem with becoming easily agitated and grumbly. There you have it, my confession. Don't judge me; I am hard enough on myself. But in case you can relate, you can count on me to understand. After some encouragement (Trey) I decided to share the dark side of me with you. I sometimes forget that it is ok not to always be "fine" as long as you learn your lesson and move on.

Well surprise, surprise, a mommy might still know what she is talking about!

I got a call this morning at 8:30 from Ashlynn's school nurse saying that she was itching (she has a rash on arms and legs) and that she was not allowed to apply the cream that I sent (OTC) without a doctors note. I get it and I know that she is just following rules, but really it is just a cream. Anyway, I told her that I had applied it at 7:30 and given Ashlynn a benedryl and that she would be fine to please send her back to class. Well about 10 minutes later she called back. She had called the district nurse and they decided that Ashlynn had chickenpox. She told me that I would need to take her to the doctor and get a note if it is not chickenpox so that she could return to school. So off we all went to the doctor. Because I told the doctor what the school nurse had said we even had to enter the back of the office. Well, the doctor thinks that it is either a viral rash or an allergic rash both of which there is no real treatment. They just have to run the course. Trust me, I am relieved and thankful. But honestly, that is what I already knew and had to pay the doctor $35.00 to tell me.

I tell you all of this because I tend to get kind of irritated too easily (as you can probably tell) over these sort of things sometimes. As I took Ashlynn back to school feeling totally irritated, I passed a woman walking her down syndrome boy into the school while he threw a violent fit. I went straight to the van and thanked God for my life and for the gentle reminders that I am blessed.

Paul puts it this way: “We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed and broken. We are perplexed, but we don’t give up and quit. We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going.” (2 Corinthians 4:8-9 NLT)



Love the story as much today as I did the first time. Glad you shared it.

We are blessed, aren't we?

Love ya gal - Trey

Chris said...

All of us have our moments where we allow our frustrations to get the best of us. The good thing is that even though there are people in this world who are calloused and don't care, we who strive to follow God tend to feel terrible about allowing it to happen.

Yes, you are human. Guess what? That puts you into the same category as 100% of the rest of us.

Live and learn from mistakes, allow his word to transform us daily so that we become more like the Savior we love and serve.

Neva said...

I love you --thank you for helping remember that I am not alone.


Stachia said...


I am with Trey I love the story and I totally understand where you are coming from on this one. I agree with Chris that it just shows that you are just like the rest of us.

When Katie was little she would make herself hyperventilate and it scared the school nurse to death so she rushed her to the emerency room and when I got there I walked and told Katie to stop it and get back to school. Mrs. Robinson thought I was so MEAN but she quickly learned that Katie was doing it for attention. It wasn't long until she was just telling her to just go back to class.
She told me the other day that we had really thought I was a MEAN MOMMY then she realized I was right and knew what my child was doing better than her. So hang in there!

Monalea said...

It is the everyday things in life that get my dander up as well. Counting your blessings does help, when I remember to. Thanks for sharing.

The Preacher's Household: said...

I have found that when I am in a situation like this, I usually make it worse for myself. Then I see someone struggling more and it makes it that much more of a humbling experience.
I had a post like this once on dogs. I had had enough and this was the only place I could think of to really vent. Although, I don't know that I ever got around to being godly about it. Being human is a good thing, being human with friends is a better thing.

Maxine said...

Wow. I have to remind myself over and over in cases like this! You are not alone. Thanks for sharing your story. I really enjoyed reading it.