Friday, May 18, 2007

“Pilgrimage” to the mountain top

I had some time yesterday with a friend. Actually I was doing her hair, but I like to consider that very good friend time. That is one thing that I love about what I do. I always know that when they get "rooty", I get to hang out with them.

Anyway, she is struggling with the most trying time in her life. It is really only important that you know that everything about life as she has known it for 20 years is totally different. I have been praying for her for several weeks and prayed yesterday that God would use me to bless her. Well, I guess God thought that was funny and decided to show me how arrogant that prayer was because the only one getting blessed from that meeting was me. I have to tell you that God's children are amazing testiments to him when they are in the valleys. She has never let her heart wander from God and I am completely amazed at her conviction to the faith in his plan for her life.

So here is what she blessed me with yesterday:

  • With God women have incredible strength

  • With God there is no such thing as hate, bitterness, or fear

  • With God the plan for our lives is awesome even if the path changes on the way there

  • With God ALL things work together for good

  • With God even the worst times in your life are blessing those around you

There are so many bible stories that give me strength and hope, but nothing can compare to the stories that God is telling in our world today all around us. We have a living God and he is working on lives today and if we just open our eyes and ears we will find that we are living in his world and he is still parting seas, healing the sick, and multiplying material wealth to feed the thousands.

If you can't feel God today then seek out one of his children in a valley because God will be working in their lives and you will be blessed in his presence.


Neva said...

IMO this is one of your best posts. we all need to remember these things, especially when we are in the valley but also when we are not. Valley time is a huge time of spiritual growth, a time where God takes care of us, perhaps because He knows we are going to need all our strength to climb the next mountain.
Thank you for this post my friend,
Have a wonderful day.

Mommysmart said...

Thanks Neva,

As my friend stated it is a time of complete submission to him and his will. That is hard to do when we feel that we are in control (on the mountain).

All Blog Spots said...
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lisa leichner said...

I have to say that I too when in the valley feel they are the times I lean on the Lord the most and feel carried by Him. I guess at the time I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as spiritually strong, though. Your friend is a great example of continuing to feel God's blessings in our lives and bless others in return.



I like your thoughts and your thinking. You are a wise woman.

I also like how your blog looks.

Mommysmart said...

I would agree that I am not always spiritually strong when facing trials, but is what makes her even more special.

Thanks for noticing the new colors, I'm still playing. I am still having trouble with the photo in the header. I followed all of your directions. I talked to a friend that said that some templates are more difficult than others. I will keep trying.

Thanks Everyone!

The Preacher's Household: said...

Very true words! I can be thankful for my times in the valley. I really liked what you said about present stories really showing God.