Monday, May 21, 2007

Holy Moly we're being invaded by Roly Poly's!

Is it just me or are these things YUCKY! The kids are thrilled that they are everywhere. They have been collecting them like they are pricless treasures. Which I didn't mind until I started finding them escaping their confines and roaming our house. I even caught Rylan sitting in his bed with them all around him playing. They have since been banned from the house.


So now we have a roly poly farm, a rock family (collected rocks that have a pile by our front door), and giant collection of McDonalds toys that are the favorites hands down. There is really no need to buy toys for the kids in this house.


Neva said...

I love Roly Poly's! So did my kids. They had a handful all the time.
BTW--in the North they call them something else, but I can't remember what.
They do not hold up well in a washing machine--my youngest once had a pocketful. :)



Cooper loves them. Lea hates anything with more than two legs. The are everywhere. Yesterday the little boys went to play at a friends house and came home with 42 catapillars. We now have a catapillar ranch. We're trying to raise them into little butterflies. At least they are staying in the box and out of the garden. Don't want to have to have a catapillar "round up."

lisa leichner said...

Hmm, I think we called them roly polys in NJ.

Ick!! I just recently found a bunch of them behind some weeds I was pulling next to my porch! I don't think I'd let my kids bring them inside either.

Monalea said...

I always loved Roly Poly's, they were my favorite bug next to red June bugs. I like the way the roll up and unroll best.


Neva said...

I should have said in Nebraska, the Dakotas etc. they call them round bugs or something like that.


Mommysmart said...


Is it "pill bugs"? I would assume that they don't wash well. Neither do gecko lizards (we had those when we lived by Houston). I have washed a few of those in my time.


I have to agree with Lea. I'm not a bug fan of any kind. You will have to keep us posted about the butterflies.


Glad to know they ick you out, too!


I admire their "rollyness" too from a distance. I have to tell you that I HATE June bugs. Once in science class we had to do an insect project. I only collected June bugs because they were everywhere and I refused to look too hard for other creepy bugs. (Trey ask Marilyn Johnson about that, I bet she will remember). I didn't make a very good grade.

Maxine said...

My sympaties!
We're probably about to have our yearly invasion of ants. Last year, it was fleas, and that was a real battle! God has his reasons for giving us bugs--keeps us humble.

Maxine said...

BTW, I like your new look.
Sorry, I misspelled "sympathies."

Neva said...

Yes, it is pill bugs--I guess because they "pill" up.