Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday

OK, so I was sort of thinking along the lines of...if you were stranded on a desert island, but with a twist. What are the ten things that you feel like you NEED everyday?

1. My husband and kids

2. My bible

3. Diet Dr. Pepper

4. My computer

5. My phone

6. A change of clothes/shower

7. Some sort of food

8. My calender

9. Mascara (don't really want the other makeup)

10. My car

So what is a part of your daily life?


Monalea said...

1. My Bible

2. I love my husband and children, but I would like to be stranded withone them for a time.

3. A cook

4. A massage therapist.

5. Puzzles - Crossword and such

6. My dog Shiitaki

7. A manicurist

8. My laptop

9. A very comfortable bed

10. A good pillow

Sounds like I need a 'spa day'.

Neva said...

That is hard--
1. My Bible (I want mine, the one with all the marking in it :)
2. Ned
3. Something for Ned to do so he doesn't bother me the whole time---- :)
4. Books (I am reading about ten at this time)
5. Dr Pepper
6. A phone (Just to keep up with new grandbaby's condition and mom in Croatia)
8. music
9. A bed
10. paper and pens or computer so I could work on upcoming ladies days lessons.


Neva said...

I didn't read it very well--that is my list of ten things I think I would need on a desert island.


lisa leichner said...

I think I'm just going to take my husband, kids, Monica, Monalea, and Neva, and I should have all I need!! (o;

Stachia said...

1. My Bible

2. The ability to have my children there when I wanted and not there when I wanted.

3. Dr Pepper

4. Chocolate

5. A massagae therapist

6. A lot of books to read

7. Food and a Chef to cook it

8. A comfortable bed

9. My Computer

10. electricity


Shoot you guys don't know a thing.

This would be so awesome. All I'm taking is Lea. Forget all the other stuff. We've been needing to get away. No kids. No phone. No nothing.

And don't try and come and rescue us either. Stay away ... far far away.

NB said...

Conditioner. (With naturally curly hair, I HAVE to have conditioner.)

My glasses. I've always wanted to see the ocean. If I'm going to be surrounded by it, for goodness sake, I want to see it clearly.

My camera.

A scuba diving outfit. I want to see what's in the water too.(Well, not the dangerous things that could eat me but the beautiful things.)

Diet Dr. Pepper and Iced tea.

kristi brooke said...

great idea for a post.
i am racing to bed and just wanted to say hi,
but my number one and number 10 would have to be prayer!

my 2nd grader and i kneel every morning before she goes to school. i feel like it is the only thing i can do to let her go from a safe place and feel at peace with it. i have become a worry wort lately.

thanks for the reminder of what is important in my life.

#3 would probably be chocolate.
good night.

Chris said...

Here are my wife's top 10 things she feels she needs each day.

1. Air

2. Sleep

3. Chocolate

4. Good Morning America

5. Smell her son

6. phone call from me (her hubby)

7. pet her cat

8. make-up

9. Big glass of icewater for work

10. Dr. Pepper