Monday, May 28, 2007

The walk of shame.....twice!

Summer has begun at the Smart house! I have been clipping coupons, scanning the comunity calenders, and planning tons of fun activities. I am determined to keep the cost down with my creativity and time in planning. I have not exactly been off to a good start.......

Shame Walk #1

To kick off summer, I decided that we would hit the local Cici's pizza buffet and take in the newest Shrek movie. I had coupons in hand that would get us two free buffets at the pizza place and matinee price at the movies. The pizza was great and then came the problem. Seems that coupons are only excepted on "not so hot and brand new, everyone wants to see" moives. They told us that we could not use the coupon. Now that would mean that our moive would cost us $32.00 instead of $20.00. So, Yes, we took the walk of shame, back to the car and all the way home. Would you believe no fits or tears. (Except Rocky, just kidding). The kids may have had the right to be a little upset since we had made a big deal about it, but they were great and very understanding.

Shame Walk #2

We went to Abilene for a couple of days. We stayed in a great hotel with indoor pool (with a deal, of course). The kids had a blast. We got up this morning to enjoy our complimentary breakfast (or so I thought) before heading to the pool for one more swim. Ashlynn had already put the bacon on the plate when this hotel employee approached us and asked if we would all be having the buffet. I looked at her puzzled and she said that it was $9.95 per plate. That, my friends would have been a $40.00 breakfast. I smiled and apologized explaining that we misunderstood and again took the walk of shame. And again, the kids were great! Instead we went for donuts ($6.95)!

So maybe we aren't having the greatest start to summer, but I will remain optimistic that there is much fun to be had for a lower cost. I will be reading the fine print a little better from now on!


Monalea said...


Are you sure we are not related? These things happen to me all the time.

Hang in there and look for the roses among the thorns.


Neva said...

I have been there too. It is great that your children were so understanding about it. You are teaching them a great lesson about how to be assertive without being ugly. Good job smart parents.
Hope the rest of your vacation is spectacular.


lisa said...

Oh my, I'm so bad! I tend to just go along with it, rather than suffer embarrassment! I should take lessons from you, Monica! Not that it's nearly the same cost, but the other day at Wal-Mart we stopped to get some rootbeer samples from the nice lady. She asked if I'd be interested in buying some, and I said I'd go check it out on the soda aisle. She said, "well, these are the last ones if you want them." I felt too cheap not to buy them at that point so just doled out $2.50 for six little glass bottles of (very good) rootbeer. I'm such a sucker!!


It happens. Often, at my house.

Loved the story.

The Preacher's Household: said...

I am the queen of cheap. My kids have learned to take the walk of shame with their heads held high.
While we were in Lubbock, my friend who is one of the founders of Bahama Bucks gave us several free coupons. He was embarrassed because the only ones they had were out of date. I said, oh well, I'll try them anyway. His wife, my life long friend went into a spill about how let down our kids would be if I got there hopes up and it didn't work. I said, "Ah, they are use to it. Besides, I like to build them up and crush them. It builds resilience." Ok, I was just joking, but there is some truth to it. If you are never taught to deal with disappointment then you will have a hard time when it comes.
I am glad to know others have enjoyed the walk of shame and it is not just us. We have gotten now to where one of us checks it out while everyone stays in the car. That seems to help.