Thursday, May 31, 2007

Warning headlight flashing

Ok, so be honest, have you ever flashed your headlights at oncoming traffic to warn of a police officer ahead? I witnessed this last night and I wanted to pull that guy over and tell him what my cousin, Jodi once told me that changed my mind about this. Jodi is a DPS officer and has a very strong opinion about doing this.

Somehow we got on this topic during a holiday and he asked us if we ever thought that perhaps the officers were looking for someone. Maybe they were looking for the person that you just flashed. They could be looking for a kidnapper, or murderer and by flashing your lights you may have just warned them and given them freedom to get away. You may have just kept the our officers from protecting you.

So please don't flash warning lights at others. You are not helping by preventing our officers from doing their job.


Karen said...

In many states, if you are seen giving a warning flash by law enforcement, you can be ticketed. (Not that that's a better reason to refrain from it... but it might make some folks think twice.)

Monalea said...


Now that the newer cars have headlights that come on automatically when you start the car that should stop the flashers. I don't flash my lights, I figure if they don't want to get stopped, don't speed.

I didn't even consider the other possibilities. I'll pass it on.


lisa said...

I've never thought of that either, but I don't flash my lights anyway. I'm with Monalea -- I don't have a problem with people getting pulled over if they're speeding. It's happened to me only once, and that was all I needed to keep my speed down (at least for now -- I do still have to work at it!). If others aren't going to learn from their mistakes, I'm not going to give them a free pass.


I've done it a million times ... sorry. Never thought about that. I like them doing their job catching kidnappers and murderers, but I'm not a fan of ticket writers. BUT, I'm not a speeder. I actually drive slower than the speed limit.

But now I'll have to rethink my position.

Chris said...

I started to say that I have been guilty of flashing before BUT that didn't sound right for some reason.

Thank you for the information, never thought about it that way.

You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Maxine said...

Hey, thanks, Monica. I never thought about that! I'll tell my dh because he does it sometimes. I kind of resent it because it treats the police as if they're our enemy. If people aren't speeding, then they have no worries. As far as I'm concerned, I welcome it when they're parked at the side of the road--it tends to cause folks to put on the brakes a little, making the highway more safe for all of us.
But the point about kidnappers, etc. ebeing warned is something I'll definitely be remembering from now on.

The Preacher's Household: said...

I'm with the others in saying that if people are speeding then they need to face the consequences. I also think it is an integrity issue much like putting up a shopping cart. It is like helping someone else to cheat and not get caught and it does put you on their side and not the side of the law.
That being said, I also do not like speed traps and ticket writers without reasons.

NB said...

How was the camping trip?

Still praying for your trip tomorrow.

Have a fun time!

Chris said...

So, were you arrested for speeding????

Neva said...

Miss ya! Know you are busy but wanted to let you know I miss ya.